Thomas Barry is a 21 year old junior motion graphics artist at a studio in South Wales. He likes to keep his creative juices flowing and maintain drive and inspiration within his work. He uses Tumblr to post his experiments in Cinema 4D under the name c4dexperiments. He uses his blog to delve in to new areas of 3D design and to create cool stuff. It is also his way of keeping up to date with his skills and software.


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'If my consciousness were downloaded to a computer and I had that amount of power and that amount of control over world events…'

This is why I love this man. He’s saying this is what he would do if he could, yet he doesn’t realize that he does do those things for so many people. He’s made everyone laugh more; brought a little more light to their lives. He’s taught us about acceptance of others no matter how different they or their beliefs are from us and ours. You don’t need transcendence, Johnny. You just need to keep being the strong force of light that you are.

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Nem tudom miért, de valamiért mindig vonzódom valami elérhetetlen után, aminek a hiányától szinte depresszióba esek, de valójában hiszem, hogy el tudom érni, mert bármit el tudok érni, ha akarom…